Bad Dog 5k for Ronald McDonald House and a Weekend Recap

Last year this was a fun but wet run. It was also the run where I realized it would be best for me to finally get my foot/ankle looked at because it hurt every time I did any form of running on it so I had to walk most of it. Luckily, my running buddy for that race was cool with me doing just that! Thank you Brigitte! The picture below is from 2015’s Bad Dog 5k which happened on May 16th. Look at baby Reagan!

This year (and going forward) the race is going to be on the 4th Saturday in April. The weather was absolutely perfect! It was around 60 degrees at the start of the race. And slowly warmed up during my walk about downtown.

Saturday morning was a little rough to get going. This is the first race I’ve done from our new home and although I knew the drive would be longer I don’t think my brain and body wanted to cooperate with me getting there as early as I like to do. It was a full on mind game even getting to the race. Before getting on the interstate, I had convinced myself to go back home and go back to bed at least 3 times and 4 times (at least) talked myself out of it. I arrived downtown and got to Handy Park about 10 minutes before race start and even had time for pictures. I had just finished eating some type of breakfast bar as this photo was taken which I’m thinking is why I look so weird.

The race itself was fun! I took my time because I wasn’t feeling 100% until about mile 2. And that’s when I had to take some full-on stops to let traffic get through. I didn’t even try running this race because I didn’t think it would be the best idea. Especially since Jensen (the baby) discovered that my bladder makes for an excellent trampoline around mile 1.  Afterwards, I felt really good. Tired but good and hungry. So I took a selfie and went to go get some Hardee’s breakfast.

Later on that day, I went to the Southern Hot Wing Festival via the tickets that came with my race entry and discovered after walking and fighting through the crowd that I was too tired and too hot to really be down there. Luckily, Tristan and our friend Daniel weren’t feeling the place as well so we left, grabbed some snow cones, some crawfish, and started working on getting things together for the baby’s room.

Yay for baby crib! Now to start painting and organizing! Not pictured is the really amazing dresser my parents bought.

On Sunday, we went to the Grizzlies’ final game of the season and it was bittersweet but I was so glad we were able to go!


Changing Mindsets

I’m finally out of the boot! I wasn’t able to run the Harbortown 5k but I was able to walk it and this year’s experience was much better than the last.

I did run across the finish line but I walked the rest of the race.  I do love walking certain races because I actually catch some of the fun stuff along the way.  I was the only one in my running crew that actually noticed the jell-o shots. And I totally had one!  I love races with jell-o shots.

Because of the parking situation with the Gibson 5k, we did not run that one.  I was both disappointed and glad at the same time.  I can honestly say I am not at all sad that we didn’t run it.  The shirts were super lame this year too.

Like seriously Gibson, that’s all you got? Susan’s shirt was already starting to have pulls in it the day of the race and the neck was so tight for all of us that it is not even worth wearing.

The week after this race I did light workouts in fear of hurting my foot again before I went on vacation.

We went with my family to Pensacola Beach.  I was able to hit 10,000 steps nearly every day! We swam, we walked, we ate, we fished, we hunted for seashells, and Tristan caught several blue crabs.  This was the second best vacation we ever went on, the first being our honeymoon. Here’s the whole gang on our last full day at the beach.

This vacation taught me a lot about myself and my relationship with exercise.  I felt amazing each and every day and didn’t mind getting my photo taken in bathing suits through out the day either.  The last time we went we only got one photo of me that wasn’t a total head shot and it was because I was excited about a fish I caught.

This is me back in 2013, the week before I started my fitness journey.

This photo popped up on my timehop feed and I just couldn’t believe it. I had to create a before and after photo.

After our vacation my husband was going through Google photos and realized that Google did not think I was the same person.  In so many ways I am not the person I was then.  I’m happier, more active, more willing to try new things, and feel anxious if I hadn’t worked out in more than a day or two.  I love being outside even when it is hot and look forward to getting stronger and better every day both physically and mentally.

I still have days where I wish I was improving faster, losing more weight than I have, and running faster miles and I get frustrated because I’m not. PCOS makes my journey sometimes a bit more difficult with some bumps in the road but it also lets me know that it is not a weakness in my mind that is causing these bumps which helps.

This has been the biggest mindset change during my mental health journey.  I’m much more than what the stats are showing.  I’m a person that is changing wholly through this process.

The Stars and Stripes was the final race in the M-Town Series and it did not disappoint me at all.  I seriously love this race.  The race was a bit longer than last year’s but my time was about the same.  I drank a nuun before the race which upset my stomach and I twisted my ankle again due to a pothole.  If it wasn’t for those things, I know in my heart I would have finished in about 40 minutes.  Coolest swag ever.

Here’s some pictures from that race.  Gah, I love it so! I also got some pretty sweet new kicks 🙂 my pumas were hurting my feet and causing some issues from wearing out too fast so I went back to my faithful Nikes.

Brigitte did amazing in her second 5k! So proud of her!

And Tristan met me for some fireworks, burgers, dogs, and watermelon afterwards before we headed to Heber Springs for the weekend.

I also did a comparison photo for these two races. The pictures from last year are some of my all time favorite race oriented pictures and I felt that was the healthiest time for me last year.  I had finished PT and was feeling awesome. There is at most a 2 pound difference between these two pictures but the person in them looks so different.

This really reaffirmed for me that pictures tell the story of our weight loss journey even more so than the scale can.

This weekend is the anniversary of running my first ever 5k and I can’t wait to see how much I improve even from last year.

And here is one more picture because of the sunflowers in the background.


Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

I’m on week 2 of my low carb thing and things are going quite well.  This weekend I did not stick to the low carb thing quite as well as I wanted to but every day is a new day to try and be better.  In reading about changing dietary lifestyles, I think paleo and primal styles of eating say it best when they say they are 100% paleo 80% of the time.  There has to be a little wiggle room in everything that you do.

This was my wiggle room item of the weekend:Photo

Tristan really wanted to try Belly Acres in Overton Square as did I so we went. I got the Early Riser burger and it was everything that is good in the world. It had cheese, bacon, runny egg, grass fed local beef, and a waffle bun. The waffle bun gave the burger the perfect cinnamon/maple syrupy flavor.  I don’t regret a single bite of it. 🙂

This week I have already seen improvements in my strength, flexibility, and stamina.  I really like the mix of Piyo and kickboxing that I’ve been doing.  I can’t wait to start my running training again.  I have a feeling that it will go amazing this year. I’m slowly making my way to a more Keto style of diet to help fight the PCOS.  Since I’m slowly making these changes, I’ve started noticing some foods that I once loved will instantly give me a stomach ache.  It is very interesting.

PCOS Update

This past week has been extremely rough but interesting and good.

I started a new fitness schedule, started some dietary changes, and most importantly started my period. For most women, this isn’t that big of a deal.  However, when you have PCOS this can be a HUGE deal.

For the past two weeks, I’ve had severe uterine cramping.  Like I thought  I was going to die.  I almost threw up I was in so much pain. So when I made my yearly appointment on Wednesday, I asked to talk to my doctor about it and he wanted me to come in so they can take a look at what is happening in my uterus. Halfway through my work day yesterday, I started my period for the first time in 127 days.

My doctor still wanted me to come in so we can check on the state of things.  I still have cysts on my ovaries.  There are still quite a bit but not nearly as much as there was the first time I went.  He let me know that this is probably going to be what my periods are going to be like and that I shouldn’t worry too much but he wants me to call and let him know every couple of months what is going on with my cycles because he cares.

He also told me of a study he read recently where women that lost just 5% of their body weight had more success getting pregnant than those that were prescribed clomiphene (Clomid) which helps stimulate ovulation.  He really encouraged me to focus on that 5% right now and take this one step at a time.  He was extremely positive that we are heading in the right direction.

This bit of info has also given me a new way for me to look at weight loss as well.  Instead of focusing on the actual pounds to lose, I’m going to focus on the percentage.  I’ve read that even losing 10% of your body weight helps to lower all kinds of things like risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.  Each time I lose a 5%, I know that I am not only closer to my goal of having a mini-Caulfield but also of having a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life.

Days 19-21 and another fun weekend

Knowing this was my last weekend of doing this 21 Day Fix, I tried my best to keep things going although I did have some moments of lapsing due to schedule changes and not feeling 100%.  

Day 19 (Friday, August 22nd)

I took my lovely little hatch to get some basic maintenance done on Friday and used this time to get some food and get in a little exercise.  

Breakfast: coffee with creamer, water, and a Lox Bagel on an everything bagel from Einstein Bros.  I was kind of shocked at the calorie content of this for breakfast but wasn’t too upset with it.  I definitely will get this on a bagel thin going forward though.  This really helped with the seafood craving I’ve had all week though. I then walked a total of a mile up and down Poplar while waiting for my car to finish.  

Lunch:  Asian Dirty Rice.  I’ve determined that I like this way better than the meatballs.  Mainly because it only takes a total of 15 minutes to make!  

Dinner:  This is where things got a bit rough.  Tristan had to fix his little brother’s phone so we ran out to his parents house before going to our evening plans.  Because of this, we got something quick, easy, convenient to eat.  McDonald’s.  I had a quarter pounder with cheese with a few of Tristan’s fries and some Dr. Pepper.  It was good and the grease really hit the spot.

Snacks: I had a small flour tortilla with some salsa and some granola.  

Day 20 (Saturday August 23rd)  

Breakfast: I made actual OMELETS! Drinkingly at 3 am, our buddy Andrew showed me his Alton Brown method of making omelets just using the egg.  So after doing the Hit and Run 5k with Adair and burning 859 calories on a stomach loaded with Monster Zero because I had around an hour and half a sleep, I made Tristan an bacon and cheese omelet and I had a taco omelet.  I used left over turkey taco meat, some cheese, and a little bit of hot sauce and it was AMAZING!!!  I also had 2 cups of coffee with some creamer.  

The Hit and Run 5k was absolutely amazing and taught me a lot about things that I need to work on in my workouts.  Balance is a huge area for me.  However, PiYo and kickboxing have definitely improved these areas for me, there is always room for more improvement.  This was one of the funnest 5ks I’ve done and can definitely see why my sister in-law loves them so.  Doing this, I hit my knee, twisted an ankle, and broke a fingernail (the picture below has the nail) but it was all worth it.  I’m definitely going to look into doing more of these!  


Lunch:  So this was an awkward lunch day.  We went to Tristan’s parents house to do his birthday thing since we were out of town last weekend.  I had 3 of his mother’s amazing homemade chicken nuggets, some cheese dip and some chips, a slice of Boston cream pie (a Caulfield must for birthdays), goat cheese and crackers, and 2 ciders.  I also had a couple of bites of Tristan’s hot dog at Costco. 

Dinner: We went over to Andrew and Susan’s house for a pork butt. Although my stomach can sometimes handle pork bacon and ribs (only if they are Andrew’s, weirdly enough), it still does not tolerate pork butt.  Knowing this, I grabbed a portobello to throw some BBQ flavors on.  I also had some fresh squash and zucchini.  I threw the squash, zucchini, and portobello on a sandwich with 2 different styles of BBQ sauce and it was amazing.  After trying a mustard base sauce a few months ago at Whole Foods, I’ve wanted some more and have become slightly obsessed.  While waiting on everything we snacked on chips and french onion dip along with some amazing strawberries that we picked up at Costco.  

Day 21 (Sunday, August 24th) 

I woke up Sunday to an allergy attack which is never a fun way to wake up and always puts me in a mood because although I planned to go for a run, I couldn’t because I couldn’t get a good deep breath for over 2 hours.  Coffee along with the inhaler actually helped to level it out but I just felt tired and achy all over. 

Breakfast: 1 fried egg and some bacon along with of course coffee.

Lunch: I got creative because my turkey deli meat went bad so I made a grilled cheese pizza sandwich.  I subbed the turkey for pepperonis and it was amazing and will be eaten again.  

Dinner:  Jalapeno popper chicken made with jalapenos, cream cheese, shredded cheese, slap your momma spices, and some garlic powder.  I also made garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Cream cheese is not on the fix information stuff but the husband asked for it specifically so I made it. I hadn’t originally planned on eating the potatoes but they smelled so amazing I just had to have a little bit so I had 1/2 cup.  

Other than the allergy attack, Sunday was the ideal lazy day.  I was able to go to the grocery store by myself and make a meal plan that consists of chicken Caesar salad made with Bolthouse Farms Caesar Parmiganio yogurt dressing for dinner on Monday night.  We watched the Simpsons marathon on FXX, put headlamps on the dogs, and Tristan drafted his Fantasy Football league. We also watched the series finale of True Blood which was interesting and in the end satisfying.  I’m glad the show is off the air now.  I haven’t even read the last installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series because I heard how the last book ends and how awful it was written so I’m saving it for a rainy, nothing better to do day.  PhotoGrid_1408933923844 

just in case you were wondering what Roxi and Kouki look like with headlamps on  🙂 

I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Thanks for reading my lazy 21 day fix postings.  After Labor Day, I will do another challenge for this where I hit it a bit harder and hopefully without the influence of steroids so that I can see how I truly do.  


21 Day Fix: Days 1-4

Day 1 (Monday, August 4th)

I didn’t prep my food for the week like I really wanted due to a very hectic weekend so today was just a bit of a hodge podge of food.

Breakfast: coffee with  tbsp of creamer and a smoothie (smoothie was frozen strawberries and bananas with 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats, 1/2 scoop of Juice Plus+ Complete Protein powder, and 2 cups of water).  I felt extremely satisfied with this breakfast.  I am really boggled as to how to handle my coffee in the morning.  I used to take it with tons of milk and sugar and in the past year have gotten it down to 2-3 tbsp of creamer.  Today, I used one tablespoon and it was okay.  After reading a blog from another woman that did the 21 day fix, I think I will try putting some of my chocolate protein powder in the coffee to see how it goes.

Lunch: 1/2 cup of bbq chicken that I made last week in the crock pot with a side salad of romaine, whole-wheat croutons, tomatoes, some shredded cheese, banana peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette.  This salad was amazing and surprisingly filling.

Dinner: Steak quesadilla with flour tortilla (not on the program but it was all I had at the house), mixed peppers, salsa, black beans and guacamole.

Snack throughout the day: 1/4 cup of granola, chai tea with 1/3 cup of almond milk, and a teaspoon of peanut butter.  My throat was still hurting after dinner so I had a frozen fruit Popsicle.

The first thing that I discovered from the first day is I really don’t like measuring out stuff.  I think since I am doing a modified version of this program since I don’t have the actual program at my disposal is making this a little bit harder on me.

After reading several blogs on this yesterday, it seems that I may not have gotten a full food list OR others like me have modified it a bit to serve their tastes.  Since the main reason I am doing this is to push myself beyond the typical pasta dishes that are quick and easy, I’m going to try my best not to get too hung up on some of the details.

While I was cooking this meal, I also prepped for Tuesday and I’m hoping to do the same thing for Wednesday nights dinner.

Because of the sore throat and general full on body aches, I didn’t workout like I planned.  I redid some of my numbers to see what calories should look like when I don’t exercise and I fell into that range with the eating yesterday.

Day 2 (Tuesday August 5th)

Breakfast: My strawberry banana smoothie again and coffee with a half scoop of Juice Plus+ Dutch Chocolate complete protein powder.  To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the protein powder in my coffee.  I think I may need to add a bit of almond milk to it tomorrow to help it out a little bit.  My throat has been bothering me since Sunday so I also had an emergen-c in 8 oz of water.

Lunch:  For lunch, I am eating what I had last night for dinner except I subbed out the tortilla for some cilantro rice.

Dinner:  I am making a version of these Asian meatballs with ground turkey instead of chicken.  I also subbed out fresh ginger for ground ginger.  I used about 2 tsp of the ground ginger.  The meatballs smelled absolutely amazing and I’m stupid excited about having them for supper tonight.  I’m also making a brown “fried” rice to serve with them with carrots, peas, corn, and broccoli.  This was a great success and the husband has already requested them for next week!!!

Snacks throughout the day: a had a little bit of some feta and herb dip that I make to go into the chicken for dinner on Wednesday and a moon-pie because the husband bought a ton of them and I was really under my caloric goal for the day. (again not fixed approved but I really wanted a moon-pie)

WORKOUT:  45 minutes of intense kickboxing

Day 3 (Wednesday August 6th)

Today has been really rough.  I fell back to sleep after my alarm, overslept to the point of rushing to my dentist appointment that lasted over an hour and a half and by then I was starving.  I hit up McDonad’s for an iced coffee and a go-gurt and finally got to work.  So breakfast was an iced, creamy coffee and yogurt.

Lunch: Left over asian meatballs and half of the rice and veggies from last night.

Snack: some Doritos and part of a magic bar that the kids make at work.  I know this was totally not approved but oh well.

Dinner: feta stuffed chicken with spinach & feta couscous

Hopefully tomorrow will put me back on the right track.

WORKOUT: 50 minutes of intense kickboxing-my abs hurt so bad!

Day 4 (Thursday August 7th)

This week has been really rough on the Caulfield household.  After a meeting at work, I checked our bank account and found out my husband’s identity was stolen for nearly $3000 and it could take a little over a week for everything to get worked out.  Luckily, we are going to not be held accountable for anything it is just going to take awhile for it all to be worked out.  But on the my version of the fix.

Breakfast: I drank half of my SB smoothie, mainly because I used almond milk and Greek yogurt so it was a bit heartier.  I also had my coffee with some almond milk and a bit too much vanilla.

Lunch: We had a catered lunch at work so I had a Italian style salad with peppers, olives, carrots, lettuce, and some ranch dressing.  I also had the toppings off their veggie pizza instead of eating the bread with it.  I love the place work orders from veggie pizza.  It has black and green olives, mushrooms, onions, and banana peppers on it.  So good.

Dinner:  I had what I call our deluxe buffalo chicken salad.  I marinated chicken breasts in spices and franks hot sauce and the slowly cooked them on the stove top in the mixture.  The salad consisted of turkey bacon bits, whole wheat croutons, carrots slivers, romaine lettuce, a homegrown tomato, shredded cheese and of course the chicken.  I also used a lite ranch dressing with this.  Depending on funds, I hope to make this ranch recipe to keep over the next week.

Snacks: I had a chocolate chip cookie with some peanut butter on it although I wanted nothing more than a big bowl of ice cream.  I also had a soda to help perk me up and a chai tea before bed.

As of today, I am already down 3 pounds! I’m really excited.  I haven’t measured yet.  I thought of waiting to the very end for that one.  I’ll see what I think come tomorrow.  It is nice that although I’m not sticking to this 100% I am still making healthier choices and seeing results.

WORKOUT: none because of dealing with bank issues and other accounts.  I did do laundry and chase the dogs around while it wasn’t raining outside for about 10 minutes.

This has been a rough week but I’ve stuck with this.




Getting Started

Last year, I started a new life of fitness and it has taken me to some amazing places and fortified some amazing friendships along the way.  Since June 28, 2013, I have lost 30 pounds and over 30 inches off my body.  It is an amazing feeling!  Although, I have weighed less in the past than I do now, I know that I am in much better health and can only get stronger from here.

Starting next week, August 4th, I am taking my fitness steps even further and committing to a solid training program for a half-marathon in October.  In doing so, I also put together a form of the 21 Day Fix that Beachbody offers.  Through Pinterest, I have the basics of this program and since I’m not fully ready to spend $75 on tupperware and an eating program just yet I figured this would be a good start.

There are other adventures going on right now as well.  My husband and I are planning on buying a house this fall/winter, we are working towards starting a little family all our own, and will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in October. So along side the fitness journey posts, there may also be some happy, crazy family posts as well.