5 lbs Down!

Since rejoining the fitness bandwagon a week ago today, I have lost 5 pounds! This is huge for me. I know that this is mostly water weight but it feels good. The constant feeling of being bloated and just blah is starting to go away as well.

Here are things I’ve done this week to jump start the weight loss:

  • cut the soda every day at 3 pm habit
  • no more before bed ice cream
  • cut excess bread out (super love bread)
  • bought healthy snacks to keep at work (cheese and olives)
  • drank at least 70 oz of water every day (trying to get back up to a gallon a day)
  • tracked everything I ate religiously-even when it was bad (yummy Cook Out!)
  • limited carb intake
  • added Apple Cider Vinegar shots a few times a day (usually about 15 minutes before each meal)

I know that it is a long road ahead of me to get to where I want to be but I’m at a point where I’m really ready to make positive changes all around.

This was probably one of my favorite meals from this past week. Smoked chuck roast with a baked potato. I gave in to the fact that I will probably never fully get away from all carbs in the this world. BUT, I can make a decision to eat the ones that give me fuel instead of the ones that make me want to nap.


Getting Back On Track

Today starts my new journey of getting my fitness levels back on track. Baby J has pretty much weaned off the boob and I told myself when that happened I would start back all those healthy habits that were abandoned during pregnancy.

Before going back to work, I was 7 pounds shy of pre-baby weight and about 17 pounds shy of where I was when I was running races, going to kickboxing, doing PiYo, and/or Cize near daily. I felt so good and felt that I looked good too. However, after getting on the scale this morning after a weekend of fast food, I have gained a whooping 16 pounds since going back to work the first week of October. This is just unacceptable but I know exactly how and why it happened. The picture below is Hallowen and I still felt awesome and although I had gained a bit I was still able to be active and wasn’t having teenage boy skin.

When I came back to work my milk supply started dropping off from not being with him as much. I didn’t respond well to pump and started amping up my calories to make up for it. I was still drinking the sodas and eating all the wonderful, bready carbs that settled my stomach when I was pregnant. Because of depression and just wanting to make more milk, I stepped away from the scale so that I wouldn’t have that anxiety reek havoc on my mental stability and then negatively impact my milk supply. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was putting in my body and about a month ago I started seeing and feeling the effects. My skin is going wonky, feeling oily, and constantly breaking out, my stomach seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and I started feeling worse than I did when I was pregnant. As much as I love the picture of me and my little dude below, I can look at it and pick apart things I don’t like about it and I HATE that.

I know what I’ve been doing wrong, or at least wrong for my body type, and I’m making some changes to correct it. I thought about throwing myself 100% into Keto but I think I’m going to start by moving into the low carb world. I know this works for me. When I did keto the first time, when I started running and doing races nearly every weekend my body needed the carbs. I’m trying to be gentle with myself because I know that when I get stressed I eat and I feel like I am one big ball of stress 99% of the time.

This week I’m trying out some new low carb recipes, ditching the soda habit (again for like the millionth time), and watching my caloric intake. Slowly each week, I’m going to add in a healthy habit. I’m hoping by Memorial Day weekend to be back in a few of my old summer shorts.

Here is my goal for myself. I felt amazing after this run, I love the bright colors, and the tan skin. I was there once and I know with a little work I can get there again.

What are some of your healthy habits that make your life better?

Cooper Young 4 Miler Recap

One of my all-time favorite races was this past Friday.  And it was definitely one to remember!

The weather was much warmer than last year and was also the first year where my training had been very nonexistent. Although I walked nearly every day for almost 2 weeks, I couldn’t remember the last time that I was able to do some running.

Susan, Christine, and I arrived early to the start line to get some pictures made with Daniela.

Reagan even got dressed up for the event:

Susan and I did our pre-race selfie as usual:

And before we knew it, it was time to line up.  We didn’t actually cross the start line until nearly 6 minutes into the race.

We started off with a run but as always I forgot the first bit of this race is uphill and my lack of running/training started hitting me full force.  I stopped before I wanted to and my calves didn’t want to cooperate with anything and felt hard as bricks.  Susan was hurting from a boot camp class the day before and needed to run more to work out the burn so she went ahead of me.

As my calves loosened up, I started running more and found people in the crowd that I wanted to make sure I finished before which always helps.

Around 1.5 miles I drank an almost full solo cup of rum punch and at might 2.75 I did 2 jello shots.  After the shots my stomach protested a second when it was time to run so I had to let those settle.  This is about the time I realized how strong both “drinks” were and felt a bit tipsy. After mile 3, I saw an actual toga party:

The house right after this one always has cheese and fruit so I grabbed a couple of pieces and went on my way.  I felt like my legs were made to fly and started doing a light run to save some energy for the home stretch.

Mile 4 was my favorite mile.  I felt the runner’s high and like I could do 2-3 more afterwards.  It was a totally different feeling from mile 1 where I thought I should quit running and never sign up for a race again.

Normally, the food at the CY 4 miler is nearing gone by the time I get to it because I’m not fast.  But they send out a survey every year and last year I complained and was furious.

This year, they had pork sliders from Central BBQ at the finish line (I gave it to my husband because my stomach does not do well with pulled pork), there was plenty of pizza, beer (Memphis Made’s Mile 5 was excellent!), and other snacks available which was awesome!

There was even Popsicles from MemPops available for purchase at the finish line. Reagan really liked her’s:

This is still my favorite race and is typically my last one of the racing season because of scheduling.  I’m hoping to fit one or 2 more in before the end of the year though so fingers crossed.

So, here’s to 2 blog posts in one day!

Here’s the cool shirt I bought at the CY Fest the next day! I bought an XL but totally should have gotten a large. I did one wash in hot water but I think it needs about 2 more to be just right.

Speaking Honestly

Is hard.

Positivity can be one of the hardest things to constantly hold onto when moving through a fitness and wellness journey.

When I was younger, losing weight was solely based upon looking better.  I wanted to be skinny and fit in certain clothes.  In middle school, my best friend dropped 75 pounds because she would only eat 3 oreos a day.  She also became a raging hangry monster. Even though she was mean after losing the weight, every guy in our class now desired her and wanted to be her boyfriend.  This really messed with my head at a pivotal stage. This is when I truly became obsessed with every bite I put in my mouth and exercising.  I remember every day I would try to get 100 crunches and 25 pushups in before bed.  I had a stack of workout videos that I would play on repeat learning every single move.  We didn’t have a scale in the house so I used measurements to track my progress and would go crazy and not eat anything except supper for a few days to get those inches off.  My parents knew my weight bother me so encouraged any eating modifications I wanted to make like going vegetarian or not eating beef or pork.  Because I was so obsessive about these things nothing ever really stuck.

Late my freshmen year of high school, I met a new group of friends that were not obsessed with boys or their weight and I became happy.  I started singing in the choir which required some dancing, participated in other things with my friends, and the weight fixed itself a bit.  I was by no means skinny but the guys that made fun of me through middle school and early high school were suddenly wanting to date me come junior year.  One guy would call me Flipper, you know the freaking dolphin, in freshman year and when we asked me to junior prom I flat out told him no because of the way he treated me when we were younger.  He said he called me flipper because flipper was cute.  I called him a liar and went with a very good guy friend and had a blast.

When I started working in food, I was terrified I would gain weight but it had the direct opposite effect.  Where I was around it all the time, I would forget to eat.  When I started dating a co-worker and we went out to eat, I scarfed down our lunch like I hadn’t eaten in weeks.  I then realized I hadn’t eaten since the previous Sunday when I had dinner at my grandmother’s.  It had been over a week.  This is when I realized I had an eating disorder.

Since then my weight has been a complete yo-yo.  I’ve had good years and bad years.  Before my latest journey into fitness, my goals were very shallow.  I wanted to look better, I wanted to be able to look good in certain clothes, etc. In truth, something that is hard to admit through the typing of the keyboard, I didn’t feel that I was worthy of love or friendship when I was at certain weights.  I wish there was a body positive movement then as there is now because the harm I’ve done to my body by not loving it fully has caused some major damages to it.

I constantly have to be aware of not delving into fitness and health to where it becomes obsessive and unhealthy.  Since getting my PCOS diagnose, I have been in a bad place mentally which translated into me not being positive in my life and to myself.  My body was betraying me and not doing some of the basic functions.

This week I hit my 30 day mark of logging into My Fitness Pal which made me start thinking about what I’ve been putting into my body when I have been in this unhealthy mental state and the things have not been good.  We are what we eat and I’ve been eating some very unhealthy things mixed in with some very, very healthy things.  On the days where I eat a good mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, some tasty proteins I feel better. Hell, even a piece of chocolate makes me feel divine.  However, on those days where I gorge on a ridiculous amount of french fries, then have some pasta or pastries, I feel awful.  Even if I have fries and then follow it with some good ole Brussels sprouts I don’t feel bad.  But constantly putting in those unhealthy foods makes me feel bad.

Food, exercise, looking in the mirror should not be a shameful experience.  It should make us happy and smile.  This is what being healthy and going on a fitness journey should look like


Not necessarily the body but the laugh and the look of endorphins racing over you.  This is what I want to make sure that I am focused on going forward.  Being happy about the workouts and being happy with where my journey is taking me.


Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

I’m on week 2 of my low carb thing and things are going quite well.  This weekend I did not stick to the low carb thing quite as well as I wanted to but every day is a new day to try and be better.  In reading about changing dietary lifestyles, I think paleo and primal styles of eating say it best when they say they are 100% paleo 80% of the time.  There has to be a little wiggle room in everything that you do.

This was my wiggle room item of the weekend:Photo

Tristan really wanted to try Belly Acres in Overton Square as did I so we went. I got the Early Riser burger and it was everything that is good in the world. It had cheese, bacon, runny egg, grass fed local beef, and a waffle bun. The waffle bun gave the burger the perfect cinnamon/maple syrupy flavor.  I don’t regret a single bite of it. 🙂

This week I have already seen improvements in my strength, flexibility, and stamina.  I really like the mix of Piyo and kickboxing that I’ve been doing.  I can’t wait to start my running training again.  I have a feeling that it will go amazing this year. I’m slowly making my way to a more Keto style of diet to help fight the PCOS.  Since I’m slowly making these changes, I’ve started noticing some foods that I once loved will instantly give me a stomach ache.  It is very interesting.

PCOS Update

This past week has been extremely rough but interesting and good.

I started a new fitness schedule, started some dietary changes, and most importantly started my period. For most women, this isn’t that big of a deal.  However, when you have PCOS this can be a HUGE deal.

For the past two weeks, I’ve had severe uterine cramping.  Like I thought  I was going to die.  I almost threw up I was in so much pain. So when I made my yearly appointment on Wednesday, I asked to talk to my doctor about it and he wanted me to come in so they can take a look at what is happening in my uterus. Halfway through my work day yesterday, I started my period for the first time in 127 days.

My doctor still wanted me to come in so we can check on the state of things.  I still have cysts on my ovaries.  There are still quite a bit but not nearly as much as there was the first time I went.  He let me know that this is probably going to be what my periods are going to be like and that I shouldn’t worry too much but he wants me to call and let him know every couple of months what is going on with my cycles because he cares.

He also told me of a study he read recently where women that lost just 5% of their body weight had more success getting pregnant than those that were prescribed clomiphene (Clomid) which helps stimulate ovulation.  He really encouraged me to focus on that 5% right now and take this one step at a time.  He was extremely positive that we are heading in the right direction.

This bit of info has also given me a new way for me to look at weight loss as well.  Instead of focusing on the actual pounds to lose, I’m going to focus on the percentage.  I’ve read that even losing 10% of your body weight helps to lower all kinds of things like risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.  Each time I lose a 5%, I know that I am not only closer to my goal of having a mini-Caulfield but also of having a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life.

Why are carbs in everything?

Trying to go low carb as a lifestyle has been one the hardest things I think I have done so far. And I’ve been pretty lousy at doing it which sucks. I think some of the issue has been in my body also trying to get used to the medicine. I started off with 500 mg of metformin at night. I experimented with taking it right before bed or at dinner and found that either really works but sometimes it can make me extra sleepy. Moving up to 1000 mg, one in the morning and one before bed was a rough 3 weeks. I don’t know if I had a stomach bug or it was just the medicine messing with my GI tract or what but I was unable to work out for a little over a week which has brought me to a whole other level of crazy. Yesterday, I started taking 1500 mg a day and my pretty low carb breakfast is making me light headed.

In lighter news, I think I have found the ideal low carb breakfast. These things are all over pinterest as well. It is the little egg muffins things. For mine, I used eggs, turkey sausage, some heavy whipping cream, colby jack shredded cheese, and canned mushrooms for ease. With the amounts I used, these little goodies for 2 are: 203 calories, 1 carb, 20 grams of fat, and 4 grams of protein. I made these for a book club meeting and was super happy that there was enough for me to have breakfast throughout the week. The only annoying thing is that the egg batter kind of stuck to the muffin pan. So I’m in a battle right now with it to get it all off. I am out of SOS pads so another trip to the store maybe needed to get it all gone.

I’ve also noticed that my overall cravings for sweets, bread, and pasta have gone down. I don’t feel the need to have something sweet after every meal now, which is awesome. So yay for non scale victory!!