5 lbs Down!

Since rejoining the fitness bandwagon a week ago today, I have lost 5 pounds! This is huge for me. I know that this is mostly water weight but it feels good. The constant feeling of being bloated and just blah is starting to go away as well.

Here are things I’ve done this week to jump start the weight loss:

  • cut the soda every day at 3 pm habit
  • no more before bed ice cream
  • cut excess bread out (super love bread)
  • bought healthy snacks to keep at work (cheese and olives)
  • drank at least 70 oz of water every day (trying to get back up to a gallon a day)
  • tracked everything I ate religiously-even when it was bad (yummy Cook Out!)
  • limited carb intake
  • added Apple Cider Vinegar shots a few times a day (usually about 15 minutes before each meal)

I know that it is a long road ahead of me to get to where I want to be but I’m at a point where I’m really ready to make positive changes all around.

This was probably one of my favorite meals from this past week. Smoked chuck roast with a baked potato. I gave in to the fact that I will probably never fully get away from all carbs in the this world. BUT, I can make a decision to eat the ones that give me fuel instead of the ones that make me want to nap.


3 thoughts on “5 lbs Down!

  1. Well done on your weight loss – I hope that doesn’t sound patronising! I like having apple cider as well, I have always remind myself. And taking healthy snacks to work makes such a difference. Otherwise I end up buying chocolate!


    • I don’t drink just apple cider. I do apple cider vinegar to help with appetite, energy, and to hopefully clear up some skin issues. Once I see how well it is working for me I will write a review post on it. Healthy snacks are a must! I work with a culinary lab and will end up eating my weight in the cookies and the cupcakes and the pestos they make if I don’t have my healthy snacks.

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      • Well in that case, I look forward to reading your review on it to see what effects it has made. I could easily eat my weight in cookies as well. I almost have to ban them completely.


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