Bluff City 10k Recap


Rough. Tough. Nasty. Finished.

Those are the top 4 words that come to mind about the Bluff City 10k. The day started off really pretty slightly overcast which was going to make for a nice cool run.  However mother nature is a finicky bitch so a thunderstorm decided to interfere with it all.


A trash can actually started floating away.  I tried to get an accurate picture for how nasty it was and this is the best I could do.


I ran into this lady while it was coming down and it reminded me why I wanted to do this 10k.  Chris is the Research and Program Impact Manager for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis.  One of the most important aspects of running these races is the impact that happens with the organizations that they support. Working in nonprofit, I know how much this support means.  And I love doing things that support those that I care for that are also doing good works.

The race started late, 8:20 which was enough time for two things to happen.  My muscles cooled off and I had pumped myself back up for the race.  Then I started to freak out.  I was running with a new running belt, a new phone, and it was raining.  It was a full on steady rain.  I didn’t want to kill my brand new phone but I also am recovering from injuries and didn’t want to be without my phone in case something happened. It was too late to turn back so I just went.

Everything was feeling nice and good.  I had a steady pace.  Going up the hill of Madison, about to hit McLean I felt my leg muscles start cramping.  They had gone cold from the wait.  Even the walk to the starting point hadn’t warmed them up as I had hoped.  It happened right at the one mile marker.  So mile 2, as is usually the case with me, was my slowest and was making me question everything I had ever done in my life.

Mile 2 was a complete bitch to me. My left calf was a rock and my foot felt like it had been smashed, my right ankle was hurting so bad my foot was going numb and I couldn’t feel my calf muscle.  I wanted to never run again and was writing this blog post in my head about how this race was going to be the end of my running career.

And then I met a lady. Actually this lady right here.

She just happened to be in one of my post race pictures and it made me think of what we accomplished. We walked a good bit of mile 2 talking about how we were hurting.  I did 6 miles last week and she did 8 but we were both ready to call it quits.  I pumped her up and she kept me going.  At mile marker 3 I was ready to go again.

I decided then to use every downhill as a way to gain my speed back at that point. I saw someone in a bright yellow shirt that looked like she was doing some interval running so it became my mission to stay up with her.  Miles 3 and 4 were significantly better than mile 2.  Around mile 5 I started talking to the lady and the bright yellow shirt and found out she was using me as her pace person much like I was using her.  We decided to finish the race together that day and encourage one another to keep it going.


Mile 5 was my fastest mile of the day.  This is also where I became so hungry that I started burping.  This is never a good feeling.

My GPS said that the race was 6.65 miles.  And that last half mile felt like the longest trek I had ever made.  Part of it I know had to do with hunger.  Like unreasonable hunger and all the food places down Madison starting up for the day.  I know from now on I will need some form of food in my little pouch when I’m going these long distances in the morning.  I finished the race at 1:43:44 according to my app.  The chip has me finishing nearly a minute after this and after the person I crossed the finish line with which is annoying.  But I finished it and made a few new running friends along the way.

And I got a medal!


This may now be my favorite post-race selfie.

I also earned this badge through my fitbit charge hr by the end of the race:


And I fully enjoyed eating this when I finally made it home:



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