Fitness Devices

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Right now I’m shopping for a new fitness device.  I’m super torn between what to get.  Last night I thought I had totally made up my mind about getting the Fitbit Charge and now I’m debating getting the Fitbit Charge HR which was just released today but only in black and if I get that I really want it in plum because I’m a brat like that.  I only what the regular Fitbit Charge in slate as well.  Not to mention, it is at Target right now and I can use my red card to get 5% off.

I already have a heart rate monitor (HRM) that can be a bitch to use at sometimes.  Example, yesterday doing PiYo it kept losing signal in certain moves.  When it loses signal, it beeps at you signally it is not working correctly.  It also beeps when you are below the burning zone or if you are working too hard so when it beeps I feel compelled to check it to make sure that my heart isn’t going to explode from my chest.  I have also had the chest strap fall off during runs (both with and without the dogs) and come undone during kickboxing which makes for an awkward scene.

Decisions, decisions…

What is your favorite workout accessory? Do you have a favorite device, or is it shoes, clothing, a friend?


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