Welcome 2015!!!

I’m really excited about what all 2015 has in store!

My sister is getting married in the fall.

One of my best friends is having a baby in March and I get to help with her baby shower.

Florida vacation is planned for June.

And if everything goes according to plan Tristan and I will be moving into our own home in Lakeland TN.

In thinking of all these amazing life changing occurrences, I’ve really struggled with coming up with some goals to match how awesome this year will be. Here it goes:

Goal 1: Run 500 miles this year.  

I tried this in 2014 but was sidelined with some injuries and medical issues so I’m going to try again this year.

Goal 2: Find a healthy, eating lifestyle and stick to it.

Everything I’ve been reading about PCOS suggests cutting out things like carbs, dairy, gluten, etc.  And the thought of doing all this really freaks me out and I know that there isn’t a way I can do this and not be stressed about it every day.  So I’m going to try my best and go low carb.  I’m debating on going full keto or just low carb. For me right now, I think that I’m going to take it slow and just start adding more vegetables and cutting back on as much carbs as possible. I know that going full on HFLC/Keto is not going to be sustainable for me in the long run and this really needs to be a lifestyle change not a temporary thing.

Goal 3: Beat my Stars and Stripes PR of 45:25.18 or 14:39/mile

The Stars and Stripes race was by far my most favoritiest (I know that isn’t a real word but it is the only way for me to say how much I actually love this race). This also was just a great time for me health wise as well.  I felt absolutely amazing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Goal 4: Register for the M-Town Series again and the Cooper Young 4 Miler.

I loved doing these races and want to always do these races.

Goal 5: Register for at least one race that is longer than 4 miles

There are 2 races that I would love to do that fall in this category: The Navy 10 Nautical Miler or Shelby Farms Half Marathon.

Good luck to everyone on their 2015 goals!

What are some of yours and what will you hope to earn by achieving them?


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