Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

I’m on week 2 of my low carb thing and things are going quite well.  This weekend I did not stick to the low carb thing quite as well as I wanted to but every day is a new day to try and be better.  In reading about changing dietary lifestyles, I think paleo and primal styles of eating say it best when they say they are 100% paleo 80% of the time.  There has to be a little wiggle room in everything that you do.

This was my wiggle room item of the weekend:Photo

Tristan really wanted to try Belly Acres in Overton Square as did I so we went. I got the Early Riser burger and it was everything that is good in the world. It had cheese, bacon, runny egg, grass fed local beef, and a waffle bun. The waffle bun gave the burger the perfect cinnamon/maple syrupy flavor.  I don’t regret a single bite of it. 🙂

This week I have already seen improvements in my strength, flexibility, and stamina.  I really like the mix of Piyo and kickboxing that I’ve been doing.  I can’t wait to start my running training again.  I have a feeling that it will go amazing this year. I’m slowly making my way to a more Keto style of diet to help fight the PCOS.  Since I’m slowly making these changes, I’ve started noticing some foods that I once loved will instantly give me a stomach ache.  It is very interesting.


PCOS Update

This past week has been extremely rough but interesting and good.

I started a new fitness schedule, started some dietary changes, and most importantly started my period. For most women, this isn’t that big of a deal.  However, when you have PCOS this can be a HUGE deal.

For the past two weeks, I’ve had severe uterine cramping.  Like I thought  I was going to die.  I almost threw up I was in so much pain. So when I made my yearly appointment on Wednesday, I asked to talk to my doctor about it and he wanted me to come in so they can take a look at what is happening in my uterus. Halfway through my work day yesterday, I started my period for the first time in 127 days.

My doctor still wanted me to come in so we can check on the state of things.  I still have cysts on my ovaries.  There are still quite a bit but not nearly as much as there was the first time I went.  He let me know that this is probably going to be what my periods are going to be like and that I shouldn’t worry too much but he wants me to call and let him know every couple of months what is going on with my cycles because he cares.

He also told me of a study he read recently where women that lost just 5% of their body weight had more success getting pregnant than those that were prescribed clomiphene (Clomid) which helps stimulate ovulation.  He really encouraged me to focus on that 5% right now and take this one step at a time.  He was extremely positive that we are heading in the right direction.

This bit of info has also given me a new way for me to look at weight loss as well.  Instead of focusing on the actual pounds to lose, I’m going to focus on the percentage.  I’ve read that even losing 10% of your body weight helps to lower all kinds of things like risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.  Each time I lose a 5%, I know that I am not only closer to my goal of having a mini-Caulfield but also of having a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life.

Yay I’m 32! Yay, I’m 32?

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday and overall it was pretty lackluster. I worked and had some pretty horrific deadlines.  My quads were so sore from a Kundalini class at Delta Groove Yoga in Memphis that the thought of doing jumping jacks at kickboxing made me want to cry. So instead, I ran a quick errand to Target, got me and T a Firehouse Sub since I got a free one for my birthday, and watched some TV.

I always take this day to really reflect on the past year.  And this year had some amazing things and some painful stuff, as I think every year does. I always try to make the painful stuff into a positive movement in my life.  Does this always work? No. But definitely trying to do so keeps me somewhat sane.

Here are some of my positives for the year:

I became a blonde for the first time since I was 17 and felt like a total bombshell!

The picture above is from one of my very best friends getting married in April.  One is before makeup and one is after makeup.

I got my very first new (at least to me-no other family member driving beforehand car)

I despise having a car note but couldn’t be happier driving this liquid silver beast around town.

I ran my first obstacle course! 

I absolutely LOVED the experience.  I didn’t do that great but it was so much freaking fun and I definitely would love to do another one.

I took my most favorite after race picture ever 🙂


Took an awesome impromptu vacation with my family and Tristan to Chattanooga


I was the first one to find out this lovely woman was pregnant with her first child:


She found out right before a race we did, just not this race. 🙂

I use the picture above for 2 reasons.  About the time of this picture, I was feeling pretty down about how far I had come on my fitness journey. However this is what I looked like just the year before:

I look and feel like a totally different person comparing the two photos.  And to be honest, there is only about a 10# difference between these photos.

One of the biggest things, I learned overall between turning 31 and 32 is that the scale is a liar, there is more to life than that number, and there is more to a year than just the numbers and days that fill it.  The experiences that you have are what you ultimately remember.  For me my favorite recollections come from the races that I participated in, especially during the summer.  They came from being outside, running, exercising, and really living life to the fullest.

So yeah, yay for 32!!  Can’t wait to see what the year brings!

Fitness Devices

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Right now I’m shopping for a new fitness device.  I’m super torn between what to get.  Last night I thought I had totally made up my mind about getting the Fitbit Charge and now I’m debating getting the Fitbit Charge HR which was just released today but only in black and if I get that I really want it in plum because I’m a brat like that.  I only what the regular Fitbit Charge in slate as well.  Not to mention, it is at Target right now and I can use my red card to get 5% off.

I already have a heart rate monitor (HRM) that can be a bitch to use at sometimes.  Example, yesterday doing PiYo it kept losing signal in certain moves.  When it loses signal, it beeps at you signally it is not working correctly.  It also beeps when you are below the burning zone or if you are working too hard so when it beeps I feel compelled to check it to make sure that my heart isn’t going to explode from my chest.  I have also had the chest strap fall off during runs (both with and without the dogs) and come undone during kickboxing which makes for an awkward scene.

Decisions, decisions…

What is your favorite workout accessory? Do you have a favorite device, or is it shoes, clothing, a friend?

Welcome 2015!!!

I’m really excited about what all 2015 has in store!

My sister is getting married in the fall.

One of my best friends is having a baby in March and I get to help with her baby shower.

Florida vacation is planned for June.

And if everything goes according to plan Tristan and I will be moving into our own home in Lakeland TN.

In thinking of all these amazing life changing occurrences, I’ve really struggled with coming up with some goals to match how awesome this year will be. Here it goes:

Goal 1: Run 500 miles this year.  

I tried this in 2014 but was sidelined with some injuries and medical issues so I’m going to try again this year.

Goal 2: Find a healthy, eating lifestyle and stick to it.

Everything I’ve been reading about PCOS suggests cutting out things like carbs, dairy, gluten, etc.  And the thought of doing all this really freaks me out and I know that there isn’t a way I can do this and not be stressed about it every day.  So I’m going to try my best and go low carb.  I’m debating on going full keto or just low carb. For me right now, I think that I’m going to take it slow and just start adding more vegetables and cutting back on as much carbs as possible. I know that going full on HFLC/Keto is not going to be sustainable for me in the long run and this really needs to be a lifestyle change not a temporary thing.

Goal 3: Beat my Stars and Stripes PR of 45:25.18 or 14:39/mile

The Stars and Stripes race was by far my most favoritiest (I know that isn’t a real word but it is the only way for me to say how much I actually love this race). This also was just a great time for me health wise as well.  I felt absolutely amazing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Goal 4: Register for the M-Town Series again and the Cooper Young 4 Miler.

I loved doing these races and want to always do these races.

Goal 5: Register for at least one race that is longer than 4 miles

There are 2 races that I would love to do that fall in this category: The Navy 10 Nautical Miler or Shelby Farms Half Marathon.

Good luck to everyone on their 2015 goals!

What are some of yours and what will you hope to earn by achieving them?