Why are carbs in everything?

Trying to go low carb as a lifestyle has been one the hardest things I think I have done so far. And I’ve been pretty lousy at doing it which sucks. I think some of the issue has been in my body also trying to get used to the medicine. I started off with 500 mg of metformin at night. I experimented with taking it right before bed or at dinner and found that either really works but sometimes it can make me extra sleepy. Moving up to 1000 mg, one in the morning and one before bed was a rough 3 weeks. I don’t know if I had a stomach bug or it was just the medicine messing with my GI tract or what but I was unable to work out for a little over a week which has brought me to a whole other level of crazy. Yesterday, I started taking 1500 mg a day and my pretty low carb breakfast is making me light headed.

In lighter news, I think I have found the ideal low carb breakfast. These things are all over pinterest as well. It is the little egg muffins things. For mine, I used eggs, turkey sausage, some heavy whipping cream, colby jack shredded cheese, and canned mushrooms for ease. With the amounts I used, these little goodies for 2 are: 203 calories, 1 carb, 20 grams of fat, and 4 grams of protein. I made these for a book club meeting and was super happy that there was enough for me to have breakfast throughout the week. The only annoying thing is that the egg batter kind of stuck to the muffin pan. So I’m in a battle right now with it to get it all off. I am out of SOS pads so another trip to the store maybe needed to get it all gone.

I’ve also noticed that my overall cravings for sweets, bread, and pasta have gone down. I don’t feel the need to have something sweet after every meal now, which is awesome. So yay for non scale victory!!