Days 15-18

This week has been extremely rough.  After hurting my ankle on Sunday, I tried to make it to some workouts but didn’t because of the pain and then the one day I was somewhat pain free, I got stuck at work late.  My eating has been pretty good for the most part.  I’m still having issues losing weight due to the steroids but I’m anxious to see how that all plays out when I’m off of them.

Day 15 (Monday August 18th) 

Breakfast: I wasn’t really hungry when I woke up so I had coffee with creamer.

Lunch: the culinary kids and staff made some tacos so I had a salad with some of the black bean and corn salsa they make and 2 corn, hard shell tacos.

Dinner: olive oil baked chicken and green beans with mushrooms and onions

Snacks: nutella with some peanut butter, Greek Yogurt.  We ended up meeting up with some friends after supper and I had some chips and salsa.

Day 16 (Tuesday August 19th)

Breakfast: whole wheat English muffin with cream cheese, coffee with some vanilla protein powder and almond milk.  The coffee was not satisfying at all.

Lunch: the baked chicken and green beans

Dinner: Greek salad made with some marinated chicken breast, some homemade Greek yogurt dressing, carrots, romaine, black olives, croutons, and tomatoes.

Snacks: some granola and a couple of dark chocolate pretzels

Day 17 (Wednesday August 20th)

Breakfast: coffee with creamer and a fiber one bar because I was running late

Lunch: Greek salad again along with a diet coke and some falafel chips because I needed a boost and Shelly bought some and I wanted to try them.  I had a little bit of hummus with them as well.

Dinner:  Turkey Tacos

Snacks: granola

While watching So You Think You Can Dance, I did some kettle bell workouts since I needed to do something but didn’t want to strain my ankle too bad.  I had SO much fun with these and definitely want to start adding them into my everyday TV watching routine.

Day 18 (Thursday August 21st)

Breakfast: dunkin donuts coffee and turkey sausage english muffin.  I had a CT scan done of my sinuses at 8 in the morning so I grabbed some food on my way to work.

Lunch: a small side salad and some seafood gumbo along with some steamed veggies, green beans, and some roasted potatoes

Dinner: the Asian style dirty rice dish with some fresh peppers from the garden

Snacks: granola and some peanut butter

I am in sheer awe of how I have gone this long without having a pasta dish.  Although, I want nothing more than a big plate of seafood alfredo right now I’m super proud of this adventure.  I still have a few days left of doing this but I definitely want to keep on.  I think after Labor Day weekend, I’m going to start this all over again but using more of the stricter guidelines when it comes to measuring out things and definitely increase some of my fruit consumption. Doing this has really opened up my overall diet and let me know that it is possible to fill full when you have just veggies as a side dish.  I realize now what I need to keep doing to not only feel overall better but the things I need to watch for when making meal plans.


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