The Crazy Weekend

This weekend was extremely crazy, awesome, fun-filled…you know everything that you wish your weekends could always be.  As fun and crazy as it was it was also filled with dieting fails that I really don’t care about right now.  I had a great time and am so happy I was able to have an extraordinary weekend with some amazing people.  Before going into the details of the weekend overall here are the things that I ate.

Day 11 (Thursday August 14th)

Breakfast: 21 day fix strawberry banana smoothie made with water, coffee with creamer

Lunch: deluxe buffalo chicken salad with the cilantro avocado dressing

Dinner:  broccoli and beef (so simple and so freaking good)

Snacks: a couple of kale and spinach chips and dark chocolate covered pomegranate

Exercise: PiYo.  I super love this class and just wish it was closer to me so I could go more often.  I’m not the biggest fan of the dvds although I will do them in a pinch.

Day 12 (Friday August 15th)

Breakfast: coffee with creamer.  I didn’t eat a lot because I was running late and knew I was going to have a big lunch with the in-laws for the husband’s birthday.

Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich from Local Gastropub and black bean soup with a vodka tonic with lime since I wasn’t going back to work because of a doctor’s appointment.

Dinner:  This was a very weird meal.  I made some baked bbq wings for a preseason football game and tried eating one and realized I was not in the mood for chicken.  The other food that was there was chips with rotel and meatballs made with pineapple. I ate some pineapple from the meatballs and the chips and rotel.

No exercise because getting prescriptions filled and the doctor’s office took way longer than I had hoped for.

Day 13 (Saturday, August 16th)

Yay for Tristan’s birthday!

Breakfast: iced coffee.  I took the dogs for a run before breakfast which ended up being an epic failure.  I planned on 4.5-5 miles because of this whole training thing that I am not doing very well and less than 2 miles in one dog poops on the other.  There is literal crap on one of my dogs and I feel that I am just done.  We go back to the house  which ends up being a little over 2 miles done and I have to give the dogs a bath.  And by bath, I mean spray them off with the hose while holding both of their leashes to get poop off of both of them at this point. I also scrubbed Roxi (the one that was pooped on) down with Dawn to make sure that she was clean.  We had lunch plans at 2 and after all of this I didn’t have time to eat or do anything else other than get cleaned up.

Lunch: thin crust pizza with pepperoni, cilantro, and jalapeno along with 2 ciders

Dinner: didn’t really eat much of anything other than some chips and some tuna fish once we got to the cabin we were staying at in Heber Springs.

Day 14 (Sunday, August 17th)

Breakfast: half a cup of eggs and about 4 cups of coffee to wake up after sleeping for maybe 3 or 4 hours lol

Lunch: sandwich with turkey, provolone, wheat bread, mayo and mustard.  Also had some chicken salad dip with crackers.  Cranberry lemonade juice mixed with some vodka

Dinner: We stopped at Bulldog Cafe in Bald Knob AR.  I ate half of a double cheeseburger and gave the rest to Tristan.  Tristan ate my entire single because they were mislabeled.  I also had some of his ice cream and a few onion rings.

Snack: split coconut water with Tristan along with a Dr. Pepper and a rockstar hydration thing.

Exercise: copious amounts of swimming and playing in the lake

What made this weekend so great!

This weekend we spent nearly every single minute having fun with our amazing group of friends.  From preseason football game and cards against humanity on Friday to lunch at the Flying Saucer and drunk flea marketing on Saturday to a day filled with fun boating activities on Sunday.  The weather was gorgeous, the company was fun, the sun was fantastic, just all around fantastic.  Heber Springs, AR has easily become one of my favorite places on earth.


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