Day 8-10

Day 8 (Monday August 11th)

Breakfast: Coffee with cream, whole grain English muffin with reduced fat garden veggie cream cheese.  I realized that I would need to eat this before driving in my car especially since pulling out of the driveway caused my purse to immediately plant into the muffin getting cream cheese all over my purse and then the crazy bits of I guess corn meal that is found on the bottom of every English muffin got all in my passenger seat so I will definitely need to vacuum it soon.

Lunch:  Shelly brought me a cup of Gumbo from Bogie’s.  I ate half of it along with all my green bean/mushroom mixture and about a fourth of my chicken.  I was so full.

Dinner: Steak burrito loaded with peppers and goodness along with some beans.

Snack: some chips that Shelly surprised me with.  I also had a coke to help me breathe since the bubbles and the caffeine always seem to help.

Exercise: 50 minutes of kickboxing, my abs are still hurting.

Day 9 (Tuesday August 12th)

Breakfast: coffee with creamer, strawberry banana smoothie made with almond milk and yogurt.  This breakfast keeps me stupid full and makes me feel like I’m eating a strawberry banana milkshake for breakfast.

Lunch:  Steak burrito without the actual tortilla still had some beans.

Dinner:  I made the Asian meatballs thing but didn’t put them into meatball form.  I also made brown rice with mixed veggies.  I jokingly called it Asian dirty rice because it looked like dirty rice.

Snack:  I tried 2 goat cheese and olive tapenade crostinis that the culinary kids made.  I also had a coke again because my head felt like it might explode.

Exercise:  nothing because my face and head hurt.  I planned on kickboxing but thought about running because of how pretty it was but when I walked outside for an extended period I could feel a sinus migraine coming on.  So I took my migraine medicine, cooked dinner, and did laundry.

Day 10 (Wednesday August 13th)

Breakfast: coffee with creamer and English muffin thing again.

Lunch: Asian dirty rice.  The name makes me laugh. As good as this was, I was really not in the mood for it and ended up eating more fruit.

Dinner: Buffalo chicken salad. I used Bolthouse Farms Cilantro and Avocado dressing that I bought at Fresh Market after kickboxing because I was excited to try it.  I tested the Greek yogurt ranch dressing I made and it tested more like the Feta dip I make so I think I will make a Greek salad sometime next week and use it for that instead of as a ranch dressing.  I thought I had all the dried herbs that the recipe called for and  I didn’t so I just made up my own version using herbs that I had that were close to the recipe and I think I ended up using way more dill than I should have.

Snacks: fruit, 2 goat cheese/tapenade things, the insides of a seafood quiche, slice of apple pie

Exercise: Kickboxing

After kickboxing, we went around the Fresh Market and just had fun.  There will be a lot of goodies there to make a quick meal after kickboxing or on Friday nights, especially their seafood.

I gained a pound this week but I think that has do more with the timing of my cycle than what I’m eating so I’m not too upset about it.  I usually gain 2-5 pounds this week so I think when this is over I will probably have lost at least 1-2 more pounds.

This weekend may be another rebellion time because it is the Mister’s birthday and we will be celebrating all weekend starting Friday night.  Friday we are having lunch at Flight with the mother in-law whom I love, Saturday we are having lunch at the Saucer, and Sunday we will be on a boat all day long.  I’m excited and will try to make the best eating decisions as I can.  That is one thing that I do love about this eating challenge nearly everything is included so I’m not feeling like I am constantly having to say no to things and outings with friends.


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