Day 5-7

This weekend was a bit of a disaster when it came to eating and exercising.  Mainly because breathing was a difficult task to accomplish.  Being allergic to everything out doors can really suck this time of year in Memphis.  But I did the best I can and since this 21 day fix thing is not only a diet thing for me but a way to change my overall eating lifestyle, I am not going to get stuck on certain aspects of it and then throw in the towel.  So here it goes.

Day 5 (Friday, August 8th)

Breakfast: coffee with creamer (yeah I still haven’t worked this one completely out).  Strawberry, banana smoothie made with almond milk and yogurt

Lunch: deluxe buffalo chicken salad (the same thing I had for dinner on Thursday)

Dinner: Pepperoni rolls.  The husband requested them so I made them for us for him being a good sport.  I substituted regular pepperoni for turkey pepperoni and there wasn’t much of a difference. Because of a measuring error, I ended up making a whole extra pepperoni roll.  

Snacks:  I saved snacks this day for drinking some vodka and water while we played board games at our friends’ house.  I ended up getting a violent sinus headache, took medicine for it, got home, and got sick.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad because at that point there was nothing in my stomach but a bunch of water.  

Day 6 (Saturday, August 9th) 

Breakfast: iced coffee, left over pepperoni roll.  I know but they are so good!  My stomach still wasn’t 100%.  When I woke up around 7 am (after being asleep for maybe 3 hours), I set up to go ahead and run for the day and as soon as I did my head went woozy and I could instantly feel my nose close up with sinus pressure so I laid back down. I slept till nearly 11 am because of this.  

Because of the lateness of breakfast and other errands I didn’t actually eat again until supper that night which ended up being rather large.

Dinner:  fruit (blueberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe), salad-kale, romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion and greek dressing, steak with mushrooms and shallots, and green beans made with peppers and red onion.  Later on, we had some chocolate cake too.

Day 7 (Sunday, August 10th)

Another morning waking up with so much sinus pressure that it hurt to breath and take my head off the pillow.  My eyes were swollen and touching my face hurt so husband suggested Dunkin Donuts and I agreed.  

Breakfast: Because of the ease of the 21 day fix, I was able to order things that fell mostly in line with the program.  I got an iced coffee, turkey sausage english muffin with egg and cheese, and a coffee donut (not approved but so good!)

Snack: tuna fish sandwich

Lunch: another bad decision that we had because we were out running errands and both of us were stupid hungry: McDonald’s and I just went with a double cheeseburger and some dr. pepper.

Dinner: I was back on track lol.  Baked chicken with Tuscan Herb olive oil from the Mighty Olive, cracked black pepper, and a little sea salt.  It was utterly divine.  If you haven’t tried the Mighty Olive yet for your olive oil needs you seriously need to.  I’m not being paid by them so I can toot their horn for their amazingness alone.  So many olive oils that are unique and you can try them all to find the one for your needs.  We love the Tuscan Herb one.  I also made green beans with mushrooms, a little butter, part of a shallot and some Parmesan cheese. I used steam in a bag green beans and they still tasted stupid fresh.  The husband asked for these to be made again soon.

Although this weekend wasn’t picture perfect for either working out or eating right, I did not gain any of the weight I lost last week.  I have most of this week planned out extremely well so here’s hoping for continued success.  


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