21 Day Fix: Days 1-4

Day 1 (Monday, August 4th)

I didn’t prep my food for the week like I really wanted due to a very hectic weekend so today was just a bit of a hodge podge of food.

Breakfast: coffee with  tbsp of creamer and a smoothie (smoothie was frozen strawberries and bananas with 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats, 1/2 scoop of Juice Plus+ Complete Protein powder, and 2 cups of water).  I felt extremely satisfied with this breakfast.  I am really boggled as to how to handle my coffee in the morning.  I used to take it with tons of milk and sugar and in the past year have gotten it down to 2-3 tbsp of creamer.  Today, I used one tablespoon and it was okay.  After reading a blog from another woman that did the 21 day fix, I think I will try putting some of my chocolate protein powder in the coffee to see how it goes.

Lunch: 1/2 cup of bbq chicken that I made last week in the crock pot with a side salad of romaine, whole-wheat croutons, tomatoes, some shredded cheese, banana peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette.  This salad was amazing and surprisingly filling.

Dinner: Steak quesadilla with flour tortilla (not on the program but it was all I had at the house), mixed peppers, salsa, black beans and guacamole.

Snack throughout the day: 1/4 cup of granola, chai tea with 1/3 cup of almond milk, and a teaspoon of peanut butter.  My throat was still hurting after dinner so I had a frozen fruit Popsicle.

The first thing that I discovered from the first day is I really don’t like measuring out stuff.  I think since I am doing a modified version of this program since I don’t have the actual program at my disposal is making this a little bit harder on me.

After reading several blogs on this yesterday, it seems that I may not have gotten a full food list OR others like me have modified it a bit to serve their tastes.  Since the main reason I am doing this is to push myself beyond the typical pasta dishes that are quick and easy, I’m going to try my best not to get too hung up on some of the details.

While I was cooking this meal, I also prepped for Tuesday and I’m hoping to do the same thing for Wednesday nights dinner.

Because of the sore throat and general full on body aches, I didn’t workout like I planned.  I redid some of my numbers to see what calories should look like when I don’t exercise and I fell into that range with the eating yesterday.

Day 2 (Tuesday August 5th)

Breakfast: My strawberry banana smoothie again and coffee with a half scoop of Juice Plus+ Dutch Chocolate complete protein powder.  To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the protein powder in my coffee.  I think I may need to add a bit of almond milk to it tomorrow to help it out a little bit.  My throat has been bothering me since Sunday so I also had an emergen-c in 8 oz of water.

Lunch:  For lunch, I am eating what I had last night for dinner except I subbed out the tortilla for some cilantro rice.

Dinner:  I am making a version of these Asian meatballs with ground turkey instead of chicken.  I also subbed out fresh ginger for ground ginger.  I used about 2 tsp of the ground ginger.  The meatballs smelled absolutely amazing and I’m stupid excited about having them for supper tonight.  I’m also making a brown “fried” rice to serve with them with carrots, peas, corn, and broccoli.  This was a great success and the husband has already requested them for next week!!!

Snacks throughout the day: a had a little bit of some feta and herb dip that I make to go into the chicken for dinner on Wednesday and a moon-pie because the husband bought a ton of them and I was really under my caloric goal for the day. (again not fixed approved but I really wanted a moon-pie)

WORKOUT:  45 minutes of intense kickboxing

Day 3 (Wednesday August 6th)

Today has been really rough.  I fell back to sleep after my alarm, overslept to the point of rushing to my dentist appointment that lasted over an hour and a half and by then I was starving.  I hit up McDonad’s for an iced coffee and a go-gurt and finally got to work.  So breakfast was an iced, creamy coffee and yogurt.

Lunch: Left over asian meatballs and half of the rice and veggies from last night.

Snack: some Doritos and part of a magic bar that the kids make at work.  I know this was totally not approved but oh well.

Dinner: feta stuffed chicken with spinach & feta couscous

Hopefully tomorrow will put me back on the right track.

WORKOUT: 50 minutes of intense kickboxing-my abs hurt so bad!

Day 4 (Thursday August 7th)

This week has been really rough on the Caulfield household.  After a meeting at work, I checked our bank account and found out my husband’s identity was stolen for nearly $3000 and it could take a little over a week for everything to get worked out.  Luckily, we are going to not be held accountable for anything it is just going to take awhile for it all to be worked out.  But on the my version of the fix.

Breakfast: I drank half of my SB smoothie, mainly because I used almond milk and Greek yogurt so it was a bit heartier.  I also had my coffee with some almond milk and a bit too much vanilla.

Lunch: We had a catered lunch at work so I had a Italian style salad with peppers, olives, carrots, lettuce, and some ranch dressing.  I also had the toppings off their veggie pizza instead of eating the bread with it.  I love the place work orders from veggie pizza.  It has black and green olives, mushrooms, onions, and banana peppers on it.  So good.

Dinner:  I had what I call our deluxe buffalo chicken salad.  I marinated chicken breasts in spices and franks hot sauce and the slowly cooked them on the stove top in the mixture.  The salad consisted of turkey bacon bits, whole wheat croutons, carrots slivers, romaine lettuce, a homegrown tomato, shredded cheese and of course the chicken.  I also used a lite ranch dressing with this.  Depending on funds, I hope to make this ranch recipe to keep over the next week.

Snacks: I had a chocolate chip cookie with some peanut butter on it although I wanted nothing more than a big bowl of ice cream.  I also had a soda to help perk me up and a chai tea before bed.

As of today, I am already down 3 pounds! I’m really excited.  I haven’t measured yet.  I thought of waiting to the very end for that one.  I’ll see what I think come tomorrow.  It is nice that although I’m not sticking to this 100% I am still making healthier choices and seeing results.

WORKOUT: none because of dealing with bank issues and other accounts.  I did do laundry and chase the dogs around while it wasn’t raining outside for about 10 minutes.

This has been a rough week but I’ve stuck with this.





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