Getting Started

Last year, I started a new life of fitness and it has taken me to some amazing places and fortified some amazing friendships along the way.  Since June 28, 2013, I have lost 30 pounds and over 30 inches off my body.  It is an amazing feeling!  Although, I have weighed less in the past than I do now, I know that I am in much better health and can only get stronger from here.

Starting next week, August 4th, I am taking my fitness steps even further and committing to a solid training program for a half-marathon in October.  In doing so, I also put together a form of the 21 Day Fix that Beachbody offers.  Through Pinterest, I have the basics of this program and since I’m not fully ready to spend $75 on tupperware and an eating program just yet I figured this would be a good start.

There are other adventures going on right now as well.  My husband and I are planning on buying a house this fall/winter, we are working towards starting a little family all our own, and will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in October. So along side the fitness journey posts, there may also be some happy, crazy family posts as well.


One thought on “Getting Started

  1. Awesome. We’re glad to see that your training has been a success!

    We’ve written an article on beginner bodybuilding. Let us know what you think:


    The Mid-Atlantic Lounge


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